Genio 350-EVK

This evaluation kit is available to our technology partners to evaluate the MT8365 processor for solution design and development. For board hardware documentation, please visit IoT Developer Home page for hardware documentation.

Genio 350-EVK

Genio 350-EVK Ports

Top view of |i350-EVK-REF-BOARD| main board

Top View of Genio 350-EVK

Board Block Diagram


Block Diagram of Genio 350-EVK and Support Status of IoT Yocto

Board Feature Summary

At the current release, IoT Yocto enables the following board features:

Supported Board Features

  • MediaTek MT8365 SoC

  • MediaTek PMIC (MT6357)

  • 3GB LPDDR4 RAM x 1 (Micron MT53E768M32D4DT-053)

  • 64GB eMMC x 1 (SanDisk/Western Digital SDINBDA4_64G)

  • 2.0mm DC Jack x 1 (for 12V DC Input)

  • Micro SD Card Slot x 1

  • Push Button x 4 (Power, Reset, Volume-Up and Volume-Down)

  • 4-Lane DSI x 1

  • HDMI x 1

  • 10/100 Ethernet x 1 (Shared with DPI Signal)

  • USB Device Port x 1 (Micro USB Connector)

  • USB Host Port x 1 (Type-A USB Connector)

  • 3.5mm Earphone Jack x 1 (with Microphone Input)

  • 3.5mm Line Out Audio Jack x 1

  • Analog Microphone x 1

  • Digital Microphone x 2

  • UART Port x 2 for Trace Log with USB to UART Bridge IC (Micro USB Connector x 2)

  • I2C Capacitive Touch Pad

  • 4-Data Lane CSI x 2 (SAS SFF-8087 Connector)

  • M.2 Slot x 1 (for AzureWave AW-CB451NF WiFi Module)

  • 40-Pin 2.54mm Pin Header x 1 (for Raspberry Pi like I/O Interface)

Unsupported Board Features

  • 3-bit DIP Switch for Boot ID

  • 2-Pin 2.54mm Jumper (for IrDA Receiver)

  • Battery Charger

  • MT6631 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/GPS/FM

  • SPDIF In/Out

  • Bluetooth function on AzureWave AW-CB451NF is not supported


IoT Yocto only provide propritary bluedroid stacks on MT7663.

Genio 350-EVK Documentation

Please download Genio 350 (MT8365) EVK Hardware User Guide from

FTDI board control

The Genio 350-EVK has two FTDI chips connected to the UART0 (CON461) port and to the UART1 (CON462) port. They are both able to control the power (PWRKEY), reset (SYSRST), and download (KPCOL0) lines.




Power (PWRKEY)


Reset (SYSRST)


Download (KPCOL0)