Benchmark Suite

MediaTek provides a benchmark suite consisting of popular benchmarks to allow customers to measure performance of MediaTek Genio IoT platforms. Those tools are publicly available and can be downloaded from 3rd-party websites. MediaTek collects those tools and create a bundle for convenience of building and running.

The benchmark suite can be ported to other platforms (e.g. x86), though the topic is not covered in this document.

The following sections will describe how to build and run benchmarks.

Building benchmark suite

The benchmark package is included in rity-demo-image when building IoT Yocto with the default settings. If you’re using other images, please update the corresponding BitBake recipe (*.bb) to include it in your image:

    .... \
    benchmark-suite \

Then rebuild the image:

bitbake <your_image>

Running benchmark suite

To get realistic results, we need to make sure the target system is running in performance mode:

# echo performance > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor
# echo performance > /sys/devices/platform/soc/13040000.mali/devfreq/13040000.mali/governor


The sysfs paths for modifying CPU/GPU governors might be different among platforms. Please read related documents for correct paths.

And then run the benchmark:

# cd ~/benchmark_suite
# ./

The output should look like this:

Coremark 26097.27 iter/sec
Coremark 3.26 score/MHz
Dhrystone 5192.99 DMIPS
Dhrystone 2.59 DMIPS/MHz
c-ray 557 milliseconds
STREAM 4246.40 MB/s
LMBench_L1 1.500 ns
LMBench_L2 4.023 ns
Whetstone 2453.92 MWIPS
Memset 5.87 GB/sec
Memcpy 2.07 GB/sec
glmark2 463


The result listed above is merely an example. The users should run the benchmark on their own environments for evaluation.