Genio 1200-EVK

This evaluation kit is suitable for our technology partners to evaluate the MT8395 processor for solution design and development.


The production version of Genio 1200-EVK is P1V2.

  • IoT Yocto v23.1 and later supports Genio 1200-EVK P1V2 (production version).

  • The deprecated Genio 1200-EVK P1V1 (engineering version) has been moved to another device tree genio-1200-evk-p1v1.

This section provides essential hardware information related to the development of IoT Yocto. For the user manual of Genio 1200-EVK, please visit and download its user guide.

Genio 1200-EVK

Genio 1200-EVK Ports

Ports of |G1200-EVK-REF-BOARD| main board

Ports of Genio 1200-EVK main board

Ports of |G1200-EVK-REF-BOARD| main board

Ports on the bottom side of Genio 1200-EVK main board

Genio 1200-EVK Block Diagram

Block diagram of |G1200-EVK-REF-BOARD|

Block diagram of Genio 1200-EVK

FTDI board control - not supported

The Genio 1200-EVK does not have its FTDI FT232R chip CBUS pins connected to the power (PWRKEY), reset (SYSRST), and download (KPCOL0) lines.

Therefore it is not possible to control the PWRKEY and KPCOL0 lines through the FT232R chip.