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IoT Yocto has integrated an open-source gstreamer streaming framework for complex neural network applications.

  • NNStreamer:

    It is an open-source project which was initially developed by Samsung and then transferred to LF AI Foundation as an incubation project. It proivdes a set of Gstreamer plugins that allow Gstreamer developers to adopt neural network models easily and efficiently and neural network developers to manage neural network pipelines and their filters easily and efficiently.

    NNStreamer provides the new Gstreamer stream data type and a set of Gstreamer elements (plugins) to construct media stream pipeline with neural network models. It is well documented through its online document site and it supports well-known neural network frameworks including Tensorflow, Tensorflow-lite, Caffe2, PyTorch, OpenVINO and ARMNN.

    IoT Yocto have provided a new tensor_filter for Neuron SDK. Users can use tensor_filter_neuronsdk to create gstreamer media stream pipeline and leverage Genio platform’s powerful AI hardware accelerator, such as MDLA. You can find the implementation of the tensor_filter_neuronsdk in IoT Yocto NNStreamer source ($BUILD_DIR/tmp/work/armv8a-poky-linux/nnstreamer/$PV/git/ext/nnstreamer/tensor_filter/

For a detailed introduction and usage guide of the framework, please refer to the: