IoT Yocto v23.2 - 2023 Dec 29

IoT Yocto v23.2 release supports Genio SoC families based on Yocto Kirkstone and Linux 5.15. This page provides an overview of the major changes and new features in v23.2.

Supported Boards

This release supports following boards based on MT8365(Genio 350), MT8370(Genio 510), MT8390(Genio 700), and MT8395(Genio 1200) MediaTek SoC families:

Board Name

MACHINE name for bitbake

Genio 350-EVK

  • genio-350-evk

Genio 510-EVK

  • genio-510-evk

Genio 700-EVK

  • genio-700-evk

Genio 1200-EVK

  • genio-1200-evk (EMMC boot)

  • genio-1200-evk-ufs (UFS boot)

Supported Software Features & Specs

Please go to IoT Yocto Feature Table (v23.2) to check the software support status for the IoT Yocto v23.2 release.


A Segment of IoT Yocto Feature Table (v23.2)

Prebuilt Images Download


Prebuilt Image

MD5 Checksum

Genio 350-EVK

download private image


Genio 350-EVK

download public image


Genio 510-EVK

download private image


Genio 510-EVK

download public image


Genio 700-EVK

download private image


Genio 700-EVK

download public image


Genio 1200-EVK

download private image


Genio 1200-EVK

download public image


Please refer to Download Prebuilt Image page to extract and flash these image packages.

Public & Private Prebuilt Images

IoT Yocto v23.2 is available in two different packages groups:

  • You don’t need a GitLab account to download both private and public prebuilt images, but you need to agree to the Software License Agreement.

  • You don’t need a GitLab account to build the public image configurations.

  • You need a GitLab account and contracts to MediaTek to access and build the private image.

Public images are built with packages that are available without explicit access permissions to the GitLab group. This lacks some proprietary features, and some proprietary components are provided in binary-only format.

Private images, on the other hand, require access to private repositories in the GitLab group. In v23.2 release, the private image provides these additional features on top of the public configuration:

  • Security features on all Genio platforms, including:

    • eFuse writer and custom data field access

    • RPMB access API

  • ISP for RAW sensors and YUV sensors support on Genio 510, Genio 700 and Genio 1200

  • Xtensa-ANN support on Genio 350

  • MT7663 proprietary Wi-Fi driver on Genio 350

  • MT7663 BlueDroid support and proprietary Bluetooth driver on Genio 350

Source Code Download


Please read and agree the Software License Agreement before accessing or using IoT Yocto software. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the Software License Agreement, you must not access or use the software.

To download IoT Yocto recipes for v23.2 release, use the tag rity-kirkstone-v23.2 to download Yocto Kirkstone recipes for all Genio boards, including Genio 350 EVK, Genio 510 EVK, Genio 700 EVK, and Genio 1200 EVK:

repo init -u -b refs/tags/rity-kirkstone-v23.2

To fetch source code and build images using these Yocto recipes, please refer to steps in Build from Source Code


genio-tools is released to load built images to the development boards. Please refer to Get Started with IoT Yocto and Genio Tools for detailed usage.

Major Software Package Versions

  • Yocto LTS Kirkstone updated to 4.0.13

  • Linux Kernel kept in 5.15.42

  • ATF version kept in v2.6

  • U-Boot version kept in v2022.10

  • OPTEE version kept in 3.19

  • Mali GPU driver version kept in DDK r43

Major Changes

  • A new platform MT8370(Genio 510) is now supported in v23.2 release. The features are fully aligned with MT8390(Genio 700).

  • NeuroPilot (Genio 510, Genio 700, Genio 1200) is now supported in the Public images. The NeuroPilot software license changes from MTK Proprietary License to AIoT SLA.

  • Standard V4L2 Camera Sensor Interface (Genio 510, Genio 700, Genio 1200) is now supported in the Public images.

New Features

Standard V4L2 Camera Sensor (Genio 510, Genio 700, Genio 1200)

The Genio 510, Genio 700, and Genio 1200 now support the standard V4L2 camera sensor interface. The Genio 350 already supports this feature from the v21.3 release. Starting from the v23.2 release, the entire Genio family now supports the standard V4L2 camera sensor interface for YUV sensors.

  • Supports YUV sensors only, do no support Raw sensors

  • The feature was developed and verified with the Camera D6 board (AP1320+A0830)

  • Software for all Genio platforms also supports multi-sensor (YUV+YUV) configuration

  • The CSI ports design for G510-EVK and G700-EVK supports multi-sensor

  • The CSI ports design for G1200-EVK does not support multi-sensor, due to shared reset and control pin design among different CSI ports

For details, please refer to Camera.

LVDS Panel (Genio 350)

The Genio 350 now supports the LVDS interface.

  • The LVDS and DSI features are mutually exclusive on Genio-350 due to shared pins.

  • The feature was developed with an external cable covert daughter board with an LVDS panel (AUO g156xtn01.0), which is not included in the Genio 350-EVK set.

For details, please refer to G350-EVK LVDS section.

eDP Boot Logo (Genio 510, Genio 700, Genio 1200)

The Genio 510, Genio 700, and Genio 1200 now support the eDP boot logo feature.

  • A boot logo will be shown in the bootloader stage

  • This feature requires an additional patch from MediaTek to be enabled

For details, please refer to Boot logo section.

IT6510 POC (Genio 510, Genio 700, Genio 1200)

The Genio 510, Genio 700, and Genio 1200 now offer basic support for the IT6510, a DP to CSI bridge IC.

  • It allows these platforms to support multiple DP inputs as video input sources through the CSI port

  • This is a POC feature. The reference driver is integrated, and the basic functionalities have been verified

  • Users requires to develop their drivers and other software modules based on their user scenarios

For details, please refer to IT6510 section.

Gstreamer kmssink Element (All Genio Platforms)

The kmssink element of Gstreamer is integrated into the v23.2 release.

  • kmssink serves as an engineering and debugging tool; it is not fully verified for all display scenarios.

UART DMA Mode (All Genio Platforms)

UART now supports DMA mode as default configuration.

UVC Gadget (G510, G700, G1200)

The Genio 510, Genio 700, and Genio 1200 now support UVC Gadget drivers.

  • The UVC Gadget feature includes a driver that offers partial support for webcam functionality, serving as a reference for testing purposes rather than constituting a complete webcam feature set.

  • Verification was performed using wlhe/uvc-gadget to ensure functionality and compatibility.

For details, please refer to UVC gadget section

genio-tools for Ubuntu 22.04

The genio-tool now supports running on the Ubuntu 22.04 environment.

Yocto Build Enviroment for Ubuntu 22.04

The Yocto Build Environment has been verified on Ubuntu 22.04.

Platform-Specific Feature Support Status

For configurations and supported features of each Genio SoC, visit the link below: