This chapter describes common information and instructions of bluetooth on IoT Yocto.


The Genio platforms support two different Bluetooth stacks: BlueZ and BlueDroid.

The Bluetooth stack depends on the module used. BlueZ supports the MT7921 module, and other 3rd party modules provide Linux standard API compatibility, while BlueDroid supports the MT7663 module with a proprietary turnkey driver.


Customers using BlueDroid and supporting modules (e.g. MT7663) must sign an NDA agreement to obtain private build and source code access permissions.


Bluetooth performance may vary across platforms due to platform-specific factors, resulting in different throughputs.


BlueZ is the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack, providing support for core Bluetooth layers and protocols. It is widely used in various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian.


BlueDroid is the Bluetooth stack used in Android devices. It is designed to provide low power consumption and high performance for Android-based systems. MediaTek IoT Yocto has ported BlueDroid for modules that utilize the turnkey driver.

Hardware Installation Steps and Supported Boards

Genio platforms support combo modules that provide both WIFI and Bluetooth functionalities. For hardware installation, please refer to the section on wireless installation. The installation method usage, performance, and software of Bluetooth may vary depending on the platform and module used. Please refer to the corresponding documentation for more information on these differences.