Download Prebuilt Image

Each release of IoT Yocto also provides prebuilt images for selected development boards. You can download prebuilt demo images from Download page.

Please proceed to the Build from Source Code page if you need to build board images from source code.

Please follow the steps below to extract and prepare the downloaded prebuilt image packages.

Extract the Prebuilt Image (Linux)

Please use tar tool to extract the downloaded image packages on Linux:

mkdir image && tar -zxvf <image-name>.tar.gz -C image/

Please note the tailing / in the image/ parameter is mandatory. The extracted image files are located in the image folder. You can use a different directory name.

Extract the Prebuilt Image (Windows)

The image archive contains symbolic links. Please use tools that supports symbolic links and gzipped tarball (*.tar.gz) file format, such as:

Notes on WinRAR

Please note that you need to run WinRAR as administrator and open the archive from the program to extract it. Otherwise WinRAR might reports permission error when trying to create symbolic links in the extracted image package.


Run WinRAR as administrator

Notes on Path Length

On some Windows file systems there are path length limitations, and the extracted package may be incomplete if the extracted directory path is too long.

  • We recommend you to rename the archive to image.tar.gz before extracting it.

  • We also recommend you to extract the image to a directory with short name, such as D:\board-image.

Layout of Extracted Prebuilt Image

After extracting the image package, a typical image directory should contain at least the following files.

└── genio-1200-evk
        ├── bl2.img
        ├── bootassets.vfat
        ├── capsule.vfat
        ├── fip.bin
        ├── fitImage
        ├── lk.bin
        ├── partitions.json
        ├── rity-demo-image-genio-1200-evk.manifest
        ├── rity-demo-image-genio-1200-evk.testdata.json
        ├── rity-demo-image-genio-1200-evk.wic.img
        └── u-boot-initial-env

Some of the important files are:

  • The partitions.json files provide meta data for the genio-flash tool for erasing and flashing the eMMC and UFS storage.

  • The rity-demo-image-genio-1200-evk.wic.img contains the full disk image, including the partition table, for the mmc0 storage.

  • The bl2.img is the image for BL2 boot loader and is always written to mmc0boot0 storage partition.

  • The u-boot-initial-env is a plain text file that will be convert into binary representation of U-Boot environment variables by genio-flash tool during the image flashing process. The binary is then written into the mmc0boot1 storage partition.

Other files are partition images that could be used to update a single partition in the mmc0 storage. For the definition and layout of each partition image, please refer to Partition Layout.

In most cases, these files are symbolic links (aliases) to actual files with detail information in the filename, for example:

  • fip.bin might be an pointing to fip-mt8195.bin.

  • rity-demo-image-genio-1200-evk.wic.img might point to rity-demo-image-genio-1200-evk-20230727004733.rootfs.wic.img.

The exact file names are different for each SoC, board, and image recipe.

Flash the Extracted Image

Please proceed to Flash Image to Boards page to flash this extracted image package with genio-flash.