Genio 350-EVK

This chapter describes platform-dependent information and instructions. For example, you will get different benchmark results on different platforms.

For general usage of Wi-Fi, such as command to configure DHCP or static IP and so on, please refer to Wi-Fi chapter.


Command operations and test results presented in this chapter are based on the IoT Yocto v22.1 and Genio 350-EVK.


Genio 350-EVK in IoT Yocto v21.3 supports WPA2 by default.

Wireless Interface on Genio 350-EVK

The Wireless card should be connect to SDIO interface (M.2 slot) on Genio 350-EVK:


Wireless Interface on Genio 350-EVK

Install Wireless (Wi-Fi) Card on Genio 350-EVK

The MT7663 M.2 card supports WiFi5.


IoT Yocto - Genio 350-EVK does not support MT6631 companion chip. It only supports MT7663 modules. Module AW-CB451NF is used in this installation guide. You can find more configuration details in MT7663 Module.


Prior to the release of IOT Yocto V23.0:

IoT Yocto does NOT provide official support for Bluetooth functionality on MT7663. Only the Wi-Fi connectivity features are supported.

After the release of IOT Yocto V23.1:

The IoT Yocto supports BlueDroid functionality for Bluetooth on the MT7663 module. However, this feature is exclusively available to licensed customers.


The pin assignment of the MT7663 M.2 module AW-CB451NF is not compatible with the standard M.2 E Key. Consequently, the pin assignment of the Genio 350 EVK is also not compatible with the standard M.2 E Key. Please keep this in mind when you are considering replacing the module or making modifications to your new boards.

There is a M.2 2230 slot on Genio 350-EVK board. It is reserved for wireless card. In the picture below, you can find 3 cables connect to the antennas on Genio 350-EVK and MT7663 card. These cables use I-PEX MHF4 (IPEX4) connectors. You should be able to find these 3 cables comes along with the Genio 350-EVK, which just fit the distances between the antennas and wireless card. (There are 2 black cables for Wi-Fi, and the other gray cable for bluetooth).

There are other MT7663 modules with 2 antennas instead of 3 antennas. In this case, simply leave the gray cable unconnected.


A MT7663 M.2 SDIO Module is Installed on Genio 350-EVK.


Interface name in Linux OS may be different by modules. It should be wlan0 for MT7663 SDIO module.