Ports of Genio 510/700-EVK

With rity-demo-image, there are several options to connect your host PC to the Genio 510/700-EVK:

  • Connect to UART Port: The UART0 port provides access to bootloader and kernel console with rity-demo-image.

  • USB: The USB0 (USB port 0) port is mapped to a micro USB connector labelled as Micro USB D/L. It provides following functions:

    • Image Download: You can program the on-board storage (EMMC) through this port with flash tools.

    • RNDIS (Windows): The port is configured as an RNDIS device to provide “virtual” ethernet connections to the board with USB cable.

    • The port also exposes a Android Debugging Bridge(ADB) device for easy access with the adb utility on host PC. Only adb push, adb pull, adb shell commands are supported.


    The USB-C PD connector on the EVK maps to USB1 of MT8370/MT8390. It is configured as an USB host-only port, and does not expose RNDIS nor ADB devices.

    The USB-C (Charger) connector, next to the UART2 connector, is for charging purposes only and is not supported by IoT Yocto.

Ports of |G510-G700-EVK-REF-BOARD| main board

Ports of Genio 510/700-EVK main board