Connect to USB ECM (Linux)

This section only applies to Linux host machines.

rity-demo-image includes a SSH server and is configured to expose an SSH port over USB CDC-ECM device by default. You can connect to USB0 port directly from a Linux host.

For Windows users, please refer to this page to re-configure the USB as an RNDIS device before continuing.

Connecting to USB CDC-ECM

Simply plug the USB0 port of your board into your Linux host machine.

  • On Genio 350-EVK, connect to the micro-USB port labeled as USB0.

  • On Genio 510/700-EVK, connect to the micro-USB port labeled as Micro USB D/L.

  • On Genio 1200-EVK, connect to the USB-C port labeled as USB-C D/L

Connecting by using the board IP

The USB CDC-ECM interface in rity-demo-image is configured with the following static IP:

You can connect to the board using the following command:

ssh root@

You can also use scp programs to copy files to the board:

scp host-file.txt root@

Connecting by using mDNS

IoT Yocto also includes a mDNS server avahi daemon to provide device discovery.

The host name of the board is in the form <machine>.local, where <machine> is the value of MACHINE variable that was used to build the SDK.

For instance you can connect to the genio-350-evk board with the host name genio-350-evk.local by using the following command:

ssh root@genio-350-evk.local


It is recommended to modify /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf and set host-name to change the host name of the board to something unique if there are multiple boards of the same model connected to the same network. And run systemctl restart avahi-daemon to take effect.