This page provides links to downloadable IoT Yocto development resources.

Source Code

IoT Yocto source code is only available in MediaTek AIoT git repositories. There is no tarball package provided.

Please refer to the release notes for the release manifests of each release.

Please refer to get started guide on how to fetch and build the source code.

Prebuilt Board Images

These are pre-built images ready to be flashed to the boards. Please follow the steps in get started guide to load these images to the corresponding boards.

v22.1 Prebuilt Images


Prebuilt Image

MD5 Checksum

Genio 1200 Demo Board

download private image


Genio 1200 Demo Board

download public image


Genio 350-EVK

download private image


Genio 350-EVK

download public image


Please refer to Download Prebuilt Image page to extract and flash these image packages.

For prebuilt images of previous releases, visit the release notes.


Other documents are available for download in