Other Boards and Images

There are other recipes in IoT Yocto that supports different development boards and also different software packages. This section shows how to build for different boards and build a different image.


The boards listed below contains 3rd party boards and boards under development. There is no gurantee that these combinations would work out-of-box.

Build for Other Boards

You can use the MACHINE variable to assign the board you would like to build:

DISTRO=rity-demo MACHINE=<machine> bitbake rity-demo-image

The available values for <machine> can be found in the $BUILD_DIR/conf/local.conf configuration file. A snip of the file is shown below:

# uncomment the line related to the target
#MACHINE ??= "i300a-coral"
#MACHINE ??= "i300a-pumpkin"
#MACHINE ??= "i300a-sb30"
#MACHINE ??= "i300b-pumpkin"
#MACHINE ??= "i500-evb"
#MACHINE ??= "i500-pumpkin"
#MACHINE ??= "i350-sb35"
MACHINE ??= "i350-evk"
#MACHINE ??= "i1200-demo"

You can also locate all the IoT board recipes in:


For example, if the .conf files in the directory are:

i1200-demo.conf -> mt8395-demo.conf
i1200-evb-ufs.conf -> mt8395-evb-ufs.conf
i300a-coral.conf -> mt8167-coral.conf
i300a-pumpkin.conf -> mt8167-pumpkin.conf
i300a-sb30.conf -> mt8167-sb30.conf
i300b-pumpkin.conf -> mt8516-pumpkin.conf
i350-evk.conf -> mt8365-evk.conf
i350-pumpkin.conf -> mt8365-pumpkin.conf
i350-sb35.conf -> mt8365-sb35.conf
i500-evb.conf -> mt8183-evb.conf
i500-pumpkin.conf -> mt8183-pumpkin.conf

Note that i350-evk.conf is an alias to mt8365-evk.conf. In this case, the following <machine> names are available:

  • i1200-demo

  • mt8395-evb-ufs

  • i350-sb35

For details, please refer to the BSP documentation.

Other Images

The IoT Yocto bringup image (rity-bringup-image) is mostly used for BSP development and board bringup. The image contains the some tools necessary to validate software and hardware.

rity-bringup-image is designed to be built with the DISTRO variable set to the following:


You can use the following command to build the rity-bringup-image:

DISTRO=rity-bringup MACHINE=<machine> bitbake rity-bringup-image

The resulting image is located in


Please note that the same image directory may contain multiple distro images.

For example, if you build both rity-demo-image and rity-bringup-image for i350-EVK:

DISTRO=rity-demo MACHINE=i350-evk bitbake rity-demo-image
DISTRO=rity-bringup MACHINE=i350-evk bitbake rity-bringup-image

The image directory $BUILD_DIR/tmp/deploy/images/i350-evk contains both images. You can use aiot-flash-tool -i <image-name> to select the image you want to flash. For example, to flash rity-bring-image, use:

aiot-flash -i rity-bringup-image

For more details, please refer to AIoT Tools page.