Build from IoT Yocto Layer


Before downloading the Yocto layer, make sure you already have a populated Yocto building environment. Please refer to Build from Source Code for more information.

Please run following command to download the Yocto layer:

git clone $PROJ_ROOT/src/meta-mediatek-demo

Setup Yocto building environment as described in Build from Source Code:

export TEMPLATECONF=${PWD}/src/meta-rity/meta/conf/
source src/poky/oe-init-build-env
export BUILD_DIR=`pwd`

Run following command to add the layer we just downloaded to the environment:

bitbake-layers add-layer ../src/meta-mediatek-demo

Enable R2Inference and GstInference in your $PROJ_ROOT/build/conf/local.conf.

IMAGE_INSTALL:append = "r2inference gstinference"

Rebuild the image:

DISTRO=rity-demo MACHINE=genio-1200-evk bitbake rity-demo-image

Please refer to Flash Image to Boards to flash the target board with the built image.

You can find the example models and labels in the /usr/share/gstinference_example directory. Here is the folder structure of gstinference_example:

├── image_classification
│   ├── labels.txt
│   ├── mobilenet_v1_1.0_224_quant.tflite
│   └── mobilenet_v1_1.0_224_quant.dla
└── object_detection
    ├── labels_pascal.txt
    ├── mobilenet_ssd_pascal_quant.tflite
    └── mobilenet_ssd_pascal_quant.dla

To run the built-in application, please connect the camera to the board first. Please refer to Camera section for camera configuration.

Run the Demo section has the detail for how to launch the APP.