Genio 350-EVK

This page provides board-specific information on the display interfaces of the Genio 350-EVK board. For common display and compositor information, please visit the Display page.

Display Interfaces on Genio 350-EVK

There are two display interfaces on Genio 350-EVK:

  • HDMI port
    • The MT8365 SoC provides DPI display interface, and a DPI-to-HDMI bridge IC on the Genio 350-EVK provides HDMI display output.

    • The maximum supported resolution and refresh rate are 1080p@30Hz.

    • The DPI interface is mutually exclusive to the Ethernet PHY due to SoC pin mux settings.

  • MIPI-DSI port
    • StarTek LCM(KD070FHFID015-C021A) with touch panel is provided in the kit.


Major changes in v23.0 release:

  • DSI is by default enabled, which is equivalent to load panel-startek-kd070fhfid015.dtbo with earlier version. panel-startek-kd070fhfid015.dtbo is deprecated.

  • gpu-mali.dtbo is needed for showing Weston Desktop. If gpu-mali.dtbo is not loaded, a text-based user interface would be seen.

load gpu-mali.dtbo with:

aiot-flash --load-dtbo gpu-mali.dtbo

HDMI on Genio 350-EVK

To use the HDMI port on Genio 350-EVK, you need to:

  1. Set the boot switch (SW2101) to ON=HDMI, as shown below:

  1. If you use a P1V3 EVK, make sure to short all four jumpers (J2324, J2325, J2326, J2327) at the upper left corner:



Open all four jumpers when Ethernet is used.

  1. Flash rity-demo-image. In addition,

    • Make sure you don’t add the --load-dtbo net-ethernet.dtbo parameter. If you load the net-ethernet.dtbo overlay, it disables the HDMI port.

    • If you’ve added --load-dtbo panel-startek-kd070fhfid015.dtbo, you must attach the LCM panel as described in the DSI LCM section below.

  2. Connect to HDMI monitors to the main board before power-on.

  3. Power on or reset the main board.


Genio 350-EVK does not support Full HD (1920x1080@60Hz). If your HDMI monitor does not support 1080p@30Hz, it is likely to use 720p resolution, depending on the capability of your monitor.

If the HDMI monitor is successfully detected, it shows a desktop by default, and you may check the log of weston compositor with:

cat /var/log/weston.log

If the HDMI monitor is successfully detected, it would have log similar to the following, although the exact detected resolution list depends on the actual monitor:

[10:44:03.533] DRM: head 'HDMI-A-1' found, connector 32 is connected, EDID make 'BNQ', model 'BenQ PD3200U', serial '87M00693019'
[10:44:03.533] DRM: head 'DSI-1' found, connector 34 is connected, EDID make 'unknown', model 'unknown', serial 'unknown'
[10:44:03.534] Registered plugin API 'weston_drm_output_api_v1' of size 24
[10:44:03.534] Chosen EGL config details: id:   1 rgba: 8 8 8 0 buf: 24 dep:  0 stcl: 0 int: 0-0 type: win|pbf|swap_preserved vis_id: XRGB8888 (0x34325258)
[10:44:03.535] Output HDMI-A-1 (crtc 45) video modes:
            1920x1080@30.0 16:9, current, 74.2 MHz
            1920x1080@25.0 16:9, 74.2 MHz
            1920x1080@24.0 16:9, 74.2 MHz
            1280x800@59.9, 71.0 MHz
            1280x720@60.0, 74.2 MHz
            1280x720@60.0 16:9, 74.2 MHz
            1280x720@59.9 16:9, 74.2 MHz
            1280x720@50.0 16:9, 74.2 MHz
            1024x768@60.0, 65.0 MHz
            832x624@74.6, 57.3 MHz
            800x600@75.0, 49.5 MHz
            800x600@60.3, 40.0 MHz
            720x576@50.0 16:9, 27.0 MHz
            720x480@60.0 16:9, 27.0 MHz
            720x480@59.9 16:9, 27.0 MHz
            640x480@75.0, 31.5 MHz
            640x480@60.0 4:3, 25.2 MHz
            640x480@59.9, 25.2 MHz
            640x480@59.9 4:3, 25.2 MHz
            720x400@70.1, 28.3 MHz
[10:44:03.535] associating input device event0 with output HDMI-A-1 (none by udev)
[10:44:03.535] associating input device event1 with output HDMI-A-1 (none by udev)
[10:44:03.535] Output 'HDMI-A-1' enabled with head(s) HDMI-A-1

MIPI-DSI LCM on Genio 350-EVK

Please follow the steps below to connect to the StarTek LCM(KD070FHFID015-C021A) provided in the evaluation kit.

LCM Setup on Genio 350-EVK

Please connect LCM FPC as shown below:


and then connect the FPC to the main board with the label MB facing upward:


Update Device Tree Overlay

The MIPI-DSI LCM is not included in the default device tree in rity-demo-image. To enable the MIPI-DSI LCM, you need to update the device tree overlay with:

aiot-flash --load-dtbo panel-startek-kd070fhfid015.dtbo

This would flash the rity-demo-image with an extra device tree overlay file that enables the LCM.

As an alternative, you can add the following lines to $BUILD_DIR/local.conf and built-in the dtbo as default:

    panel-startek-kd070fhfid015.dtbo \


If you only want HDMI, you should not load the dtbo nor add it to local.conf.

HDMI port does not work if you did not attach LCM panel after loading panel-startek-kd070fhfid015.dtbo. Once you load the dtbo, it requires you to plug the DSI display to your board.

After the board reboots, use the following command to check if the overlay has been properly added:

fw_printenv | grep boot_conf

The boot_conf variable should contain the string #conf-panel-startek-kd070fhfid015.dtbo.

In addition, you can check if the device tree has been overlay-ed successfully with the following entry:

cat /proc/device-tree/soc/dsi0\@14014000/panel\@0/compatible

If the device tree has been properly set, the default shell of weston compositor would display after boot into the system. The resolution of the LCM is statically configured and can be verified with modetest command:

modetest -M mediatek -c

The expected output is shown below. Please note that it is a portrait LCM so the resolution is 1200x1920.

id      encoder status          name            size (mm)       modes   encoders
32      31      connected       DSI-1           95x151          1       31
        index name refresh (Hz) hdisp hss hse htot vdisp vss vse vtot)
#0 1200x1920 60.00 1200 1344 1360 1405 1920 1928 1932 1936 163204 flags: ; type:
        1 EDID:
                flags: immutable blob

        2 DPMS:
                flags: enum
                enums: On=0 Standby=1 Suspend=2 Off=3
                value: 0
        5 link-status:
                flags: enum
                enums: Good=0 Bad=1
                value: 0
        6 non-desktop:
                flags: immutable range
                values: 0 1
                value: 0
        4 TILE:
                flags: immutable blob

        20 CRTC_ID:
                flags: object
                value: 41


HDMI Does Not Work on Genio 350-EVK

Please kindly check the following: