Genio 1200-demo

This chapter describes platform-dependent information and instructions. For example, you will get different benchmark results on different platforms.

For general usage of Wi-Fi, such as command to configure DHCP or static IP and so on, please refer to Wi-Fi chapter.


Cmd operations and test results presented in this chapter are based on the IoT Yocto v22.1 and MT8395 P1V6 (Genio 1200) demo board.

Wireless Interface on Genio 1200-Demo

The wireless (Wi-Fi and bluetooth combo) card should be connect to PCIe interface (M.2 slot) on Genio 1200-Demo:


Wireless Interface on Genio 1200-Demo


IoT Yocto - Genio 1200-Demo only supports MT7921 modules. Module AW-XB468NF is used in this installation guide.


IoT Yocto - Genio 1200-Demo doesn’t support onboard MT7921. Please do not enable it by work around. There is no calibration data on board and will cause connection problems.

Install Wireless Card on Genio 1200-Demo

The MT7921 M.2 card supports WiFi6.

There is a M.2 PCIe slot on i1200-DEMO board. It is reserved for wireless card. In the picture below, you can find 2 cables connect to the antennas on MT7921 card. These cables use I-PEX MHF4 (IPEX4) connectors.


If you don’t have I-PEX MHF4 cable and antennas, please buy a set and attach them to MT7921. Even a pair of 2db antennas will improve signal quality a lot.