i1200 Demo Board

The i1200 Demo Board (MT8395 P1V6) provides an extensive set of interfaces and connectivity peripherals are included to interface cameras, touch-screen displays and SD cards.

Board Top View


i1200 Demo Board Ports


The on-board MT7921 and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antenna are not supported by AIoT Yocto. Instead, developers may connect external MT7921 PCIe modules to the M.2 socket on the board.

Board Block Diagram

In the current v22.1 release, AIoT Yocto enables the following blocks on the i1200 Demo Board:


i1200 Demo Board Block Diagram and Support Status

Board Feature Summary

Unsupported Board Features

  • Camera: 4Lane x3 Camera connector

  • Antenna: SMAx3 (WiFix2 ,BTx1)


  • MIPI DSI Display

  • Debug: 40pin header for MTK debug port

  • Key Matrix

For other features supported by each release of AIoT Yocto and limitations, please refer to the release notes.

i1200 Demo Board Documentation

Please visit AIoT Developer Home page for board hardware documentation.